So I recently made a tumblr. Don't know what I'll be posting over there. It might end up just sitting there.
Anywho, if I end up posting sketchy stuff over there, I'll post a link or something.


I did some art a while back for this year's 'SCARE for a Cure.'
Here's a few of my favorites that I did.
Scare for a Cure

I'm alive!

Gahh I feel like I haven't really drawn in weeeeeeks.
Some quick avatar art to get back into things.

MIII - Pine

My character Pine and his boar for my character modeling class.
I'll put up some better renders sometime soon :u

This quarter ended!

Week long break, oh yes!
I'll post some stuff from my classes sometime soon :u

Until then, random quick crap.


character for Drawing for Animators.
This guy. Oh so silly.

AC: ....symbiote?

Ehhhh.....Cirque du Shade?
what is this I don't evennnnnnn - - -
Apparently my symbiote would work in a circus. :U
The usual poofs, frills, and general bad fashion that I'm so fond of. hrrngg.

OH! And did I mention the Animation Club got a blog? All the members can join and post I'll probably be double posting stuff on here then over there once in a while.
For anyone who follows both, sorry in a advance for spamming your feed with my crap. :U

So tired - o-~

More drawing on my iPhone in attempts to stay awake in my social psych class.
All nighters make me feel like a zombie. ;n;

DFA: Midterm

stuff from my in-class midterm exam for Drawing for Animators.

AC: Batderp.


Batman for this week's Animation Club challenge.
Gorillaz Batman?

Seriously. Done with this style. >>;

August freebs

time for more fail freebs over on gaia.

Post updated through the month, js.


Oh and a character I'll be modeling over the next couple weeks.

AC: Character Design I

Quick character concept for my school's Animation Club's first character design challenge.


...I like drawing in completely different styles than I'm used to.
I've been in love with the Gorillaz, so this was bound to happen sooner or later.
I'll definitely be trying this style out again sometime soon.

week two~

So, I'm super excited about a drawing class I'm taking this quarter.

Lots of quick characters and whatnot.

I'll finally get off my lazy bum and scan some of my sketchbook crap. - u-

Oh, and I totally took the dog into Brushes on my iPhone and messed with it.
I'll try to do stuff on my phone more often. It's pretty fun. c:


My derp avatar over on gaia.

And a quick one for my second account as well.
- o-;


Devils dream of flying.

Another for my Monsters, Like Us.

July freebfun

started another temp over in Gaia AF.
oho~ We'll see how that goes.