I'm just trying to stay awake so I can get my sleep schedule set back to normal. ; n;


No really. I'm working. >A>
....random doodle during class.


..through this quarter.
I'll be so glad when it's over...because I'll have my first one minute animation finished by the end! ;D

Sofie's Dream, rough animatic

Rough animatic for my animation project for this quarter.
I'm excited about getting to the final animation work. ;D


So I set up this thread.
I'll be doing doodles for random people all month.

Mr. Monster

Final for 2-D Animation Studio I.

Mr. Monster, I'm trying to sleep.

Dear Timmy,

Do your homework, or you'll be in a lot of hot water.

Quick concept for Character Design.
Stool+Hot Tub+Clock combo monster.

This week...

In studio 1~
random little exercise.


Character Design
Redesigning a coach character.

I need to draw something in my normal style sometime soon. D8


REALLY old, like last year old, but I realized I hadn't posted either of these ._. Weird.